Moonlight Fanfiction Digest - Volume 7: 7th December

And here is volume seven of ml_fic_digest. If I've left anything out, or there is a community you feel I should be watching, drop me a line!

luxuria_oceanus wrote:
Dark Christmas [Mick/Beth | Drabble | Gen]
Thank You, christmas [Mick/Beth | Drabble | Gen]
Human Lover [Mick/Beth | Drabble | Mature]
She'll never Forget [Mick/Beth | Ficlet | Spoilers for 'B.C.' | R]
pittchic04 wrote Let Go - Part 8 [ Mick Beth| R]
lindyrb wrote Blood Feud - Part 2 [Mick/Beth | PG13]
mscatmoon wrote Salvation - Part 1 [Mick, Beth, Josef | Spoilers for 'Fleur de Lis' | PG13]
chris4short wrote Forget to breathe [Mick/Beth | Ficlet | Spoilers for 'B.C.' and 'Fleur de Lis' | PG13]
hopeformb01 wrote When Fate Intervenes - Part 1, When Fate Intervenes - Part 2 [Mick/Beth | Spoilers for 'Fleur de Lis' | PG - for now]
mad_cat_grin wrote Stand by Me - 3/5 [Mick/Beth | Spoilers 1X08 | PG13]

Moonlight Fanfiction Digest - Volume 6: 1st December

And here is volume six of ml_fic_digest! As usual, if I've left something out, or if there is a new community I should be watching, let me know and I'll rectify the problem!

rhardin wrote Forgotten -chapter 2/? [Josef/OMC, Mick/Beth | N17]
luxuria_oceanus wrote:
A Christmas Party [Mick/Beth| Ficlet | PG]
No Happily Ever After [Mick/Beth | Drabble | PG]
A Sort of Fairy Tale [Mick/Beth | Ficlet | PG13]
michellemtsu wrote Winner at a Losing Game - Part 5, Winner at a Losing Game - Part 6, Winner at a Losing Game - Part 7, Winner at a Losing Game - Part 8, Winner at a Losing Game -Part 9, Winner at a Losing Game -Part 10, Winner at a Losing Game - epilogue [Mick/Beth | PG13]
linyrb wrote:
Blood Feud - 1/? [Mick/Beth | Sequel to 'Moonlight 'til Dawn' | PG13]
Moonlight 'til Dawn - Part 1, Moonlight 'til Dawn - Part 2 ,Moonlight 'til Dawn - Part 3, Moonlight 'til Dawn - Part 4, Moonlight 'til Dawn - Part 5, Moonlight 'til Dawn - Part 6, Moonlight 'til Dawn - Part 7 [Mick/Beth | PG13 - R]
pittchic wrote Let Go - Part 6, Let Go - Part 7 [Mick/Beth | PG13]
jujuluck wrote Change - Part 4, Change - Part 5 - Conclusion [Mick/Beth | PG13]
ruafair wrote:
You Won't Be Mine [Mick/Beth | drabble | PG]
Dying of the Light [Mick/Beth | Drabble | PG]
orange_crushed wrote Summer of the Shark [Heroes Crossover | Josef/Elle (Heroes character) | PG]
nocturnalforays wrote A Hope in Hell [Mick/Beth | Drabble | PG]
mad_cat_grin wrote Stand By Me (Truth - 2/5) [Mick/Beth | PG13]
skyroom80_tales wrote Redheads Collide - 2/? [BtVS Crossover | Josef, Willow (BtVS Character) | PG]
chris4short wrote:
How could You [Mick/Beth | Drabble | Spoilers for 'Fleur de Lis' | PG]
Angel or Demon [Mick/Beth | Ficlet | PG]
miriam_heddy wrote Five Ways Mick Didn't Leave Coraline [Mick/Coraline | PG13]
gws wrote:
When the Blood Isn't Enough [Mick/Beth | Drabble | Spoilers 1X04 | R]
Giving up [Mick/Beth | Drabble | PG]
the_grynne wrote Anticipation [Heroes Crossover | Josef, Beth, Adam (Heroes character) | Ficlet | PG]
denny_dc wrote Not Sorry [Mick/Beth | Drabble | PG13]
mscatmmon wrote:
Flowers and Cookies - Part 1, Flowers and Cookies - Part 2 [Mick/Beth | Sequel to H.B. | Spoilers for 'The Ringer' | PG13]
Echoes [Mick/Beth | Spoilers for 'Fleur de Lis | PG13]
cryssiemarsters wrote I'd Do Anything For You [Mick/Beth | Drabble | Spoilers 1X09 | PG13]

Moonlight Fanfiction Digest - Volume 5: 24th November

A day late, but hopefully not a dollar short! This weeks ml_fic_digest

the_grynne wrote:
Ragnarok [Heroes crossover |Josef, crossover character (Adam Munroe) | PG13]
Contortionist [heroes crossover |Josef, crossover character (Adam Munroe) | PG]
rhardin wrote Forgotten [Josef/OC, Mick/Beth | R for now]
thornsmoke wrote:
the Things You Remember [Mick, Coraline| PG]
At the Bar ['Merry Gentry' book crossover | Mick, Rhys | PG13]
oldromantic wrote Not Like This [Mick/Beth | Spoilers 1X04 | Mature]
midknight2501 wrote Dreamcatcher [Mick/Beth/josef | PG]
kymba wrote Survivorman [Mick/Beth | PG]
zeichenwut wrote and illustrated Fanbook - Part 2 [Mick/Josef/Beth | PG13]
flareonfury wrote Hidden Garlic [Mick, Beth | Spoilers 1X06 | PG]
queen_haq wrote Don't Do Me Any Favours, Lover [Coraline/Mystery vamp | Spoilers 1X07 |R]
jujuluck wrote Change - Part 2, Change - Part3 [Mick/Beth | PG13]
hereswith wrote drumbeat [Mick/Beth | Spoilers 1X06 | PG]
michellemtsu wrote Winner at a Losing Game - Part 3, Winner at a Losing Game - Part 4 [Mick/Beth | PG13 ]
jenthegypsy wrote Stormy Weather [Mick, Beth, Josh | PG]
pittchic04 wrote Let Go - Part 4, Let Go - Part 5 [Mick/Beth | PG13]
mad_cat_grin wrote Stand By Me (Slippery Slope 1/5) [Mick/Beth | Spoilers 1X08 | PG13]
lindrb wrote In the Mood [ Mick/Beth | PG13]
mscatmoon wrote:
All the Buzz [Josh | PG ]
Eternity - isn't That A Cologne [Mick/Beth | PG]
chris4short wrote:
Lovebites [Mick/Beth | Drabble | Spoilers 1 X06 | ]
Something Unsaid [Mick/Beth | Drabble | PG13]
Heartbeat [Mick/Beth | Ficlet | PG]
ruafair wrote:
Whatever You Want [Mick/Beth | Drabble | PG]
The Thirst [Mick/Beth | Drabble | PG13]
Do I know You [Mick/Beth | Drabble | Gen]
cryssiemarsters wrote:
Never say 'Never' [Mick/Beth | Drabble | PG]
Watching You [Mick/Beth | Drabble | PG13]
Can't Fight the Moonlight [Mick/Beth | Ficlet | PG13]
luxuria_oceanus wrote:
Forbidden [Mick/Beth| Drabble | PG13 ]
A Dream, One Choice [Mick/Beth | Ficlet | PG13]

Moonlight Fanfiction Digest - Volume 4: 16th November

Hi there! This is volume 4 of ml_fic_digest As usual, if I've missed something, let me know :-)

mscatmoon wrote:
H.B. [Mick/Beth | PG]
Delicate Flower [Mick/Beth | Gen]
Ambient Noise [Mick/Beth | Spoilers 1X07 | PG]
bipagan wrote Hugs & Puppies [Mick/Beth | Gen]
pittchic04 wrote Let Go - Part One, Let Go - Part Two, Let Go - Part Three [Mick/Beth | PG13]
michellemtsu wrote:
Demons: Chapter 7, Demons: Chapter 8, Demons: Chapter 9, Demons: Epilogue [Mick/Beth | PG13]
Winner at a Losing Game: Chapter 1, Winner at a Losing Game: Chapter 2 [Mick/Beth | PG13]
neotantrika wrote Wet [Mick/Beth | Spoilers 1X06 | Mature]
chaotic4life wrote Two Drabbles [Mick/Josef | PG]
del_writes wrote Aiming for the Heart [Mick/Josef | PG]
sistersamael wrote So Narcotic [Mick/Josef | PG]
agarwaenloth wrote Give and Take - chapter 3 [Mick/Josef, Mick/Coraline, Coraline/OC (Lucius), Mick/OC (Lucius) | N17]
impala_princess wrote Too Close - 2/? [Mick/Beth |Spoilers 1X02 | PG13]
ginajas wrote Miracles Do Happen [Mick/Beth | PG]
jujuluck wrote:
Bloodfever [Josef/Mick/Beth| R, for violence]
Change - Part 1 [Mick/Beth | PG13]
iansmomesq wrote The Blood/Brain Barrier [Mick, Crossover Characters | Heroes Crossover | PG]
the_grynne wrote Oh Lady, Be Good [Josef/Coraline | PG13]
doomthatimpends wrote Mick St Bernard [Josef/Mick | PG]
strangevisitor7 wrote She Will Be Loved [Coraline | Spoilers 1X07 | Gen]

Moonlight Fanfiction Digest - Volume 3: 9th November

And here is Volume 3 of ml_fic_digest :-) -
A small note to those writers posting on LJ. While I'm more than happy to post links given for an off LJ story, I'm afraid I'll have to draw a line at non-direct links. If a link goes to an archive, rather than a story, and the site requires me to join and give my details just to look at the archived fiction, I'm not going to post a link to it. I'm afraid I only post to open forum fanfiction :-)

lindsers83 wrote The Shattered heart [Mick/Beth | Spoilers 1X06 | PG]
divinejoker wrote Again [Mick/Beth | Sequel to More | Spoilers 1X04 | Mature]
kreativeartist wrote A Poem [Mick/Beth | PG]
aidenschallenge wrote Eternal Soul - a snippet from a WIP [Mick/Speed | CSI Miami Crossover | PG]
michellemtsu wrote Demons: chapter 1 and Demons: chapter 2 , Demons: chapter 3, Demons: chapter 4, Demons: chapter 5, Demons: chapter 6 [Mick/Beth | PG13 so far]
embitca wrote I really Need To get a Title [Mick, Josef | BtVS crossover - sequel to Meet Cute G]
emaline5678 wrote:
The Sun That Longs For The Moon [Mick/Beth |Spoilers 1X05 | R]
Memories of Twilight [Mick/Beth | Spoilers 1X04 | PG13]
the_grynne wrote Refuge [josef, Lola | PG]
cliodna_bright wrote You're welcome [Mick/Beth | Spoilers 1X04 | PG]
doomthatimpends wrote:
Horribly Logical Things [Mick/Josef | Gen]
Suspenders [Mick/Josef | Gen]
skyroom80_tales wrote Redheads Collide [Josef, Willow | BtVS Crossover | PG]

Moonlight Fanfiction Digest - Volume 2: 2nd November

Hi there, this is volume 2 of ml_fic_digest. Let me know if I've let anybody out, or you wish to be added to the community's 'watch list'.

thornsmoke wrote:
Five Futures that will never happen [Mick/Josef, Mick/Beth | PG13]
A Drabble (The Touch Lingers) [Mick/Beth | Spoilers 1X05 | PG]
wizardstwilight wroteTrick-or-Treat [Mick, Josef | PG]
queen_haq wrote Cataclysm - Chapter 1 [Josef/OFC, Mick | PG13 ]
mad_cat_grin wrote:
Through The Years [Mick/Beth | Gen]
Watching Over You (Companion piece to 'Through The Years') [Mick/Beth, Josef | PG]
big_edna wrote Teamwork [ Beth/Josh, Beth/Mick | Gen]
longlostblue wrote Elixir [Beth/Josef | PG13]
sarisynn wrote Four Drabbles [Mick/Beth | PG]
jujuluck wrote:
From A Certain Point Of View [Mick/Beth |Spoilers for 1X05 | PG13]
Do You Want a Drink [Mick/Beth | Mature]
kymba wrote Smooth Operator [Mick/Beth | Spoilers 1X05 | PG13]
divinejoker wrote More [Mick/Beth | Spoilers for 1X04 | M]
neotantrika wrote Locks [Mick/Beth | Spoilers 1X05 | M]
lupiskitten wrote Shadows - link to [Joef/OC, Mick, Beth | PG13]
jinxed_wood wrote An unexpected Visit [Josef, Beth | PG]
midknight2501 wrote:
Gatecrashing For Amateurs - 1st of the 'Thrall Series' [Mick/Beth, Mick/Joesf, Mick/Beth/Josef | N17]
The Morning After - 2nd of the 'Thrall' series [Beth/Josh | PG]
asolitaryraven wrote My Mistake [Josef/OC, Beth, Mick | PG]
dukesfreers aka iansmomesq wrote Momento Mori [Mick, Beth | Spoilers 1x05 - PG]
lostarkeo wrote I've Got You [Mick/Beth | Spoilers 1X05 | PG]
quirkymuse wrote:
Spark [Josef/Elle | Heroes Crossover | PG]
Prize Fighting (Sequel to 'Spark') [Josef/Elle | Heroes Crossover | PG]
Beth the Bunny [Mick/Beth | Spoilers 1X05 | PG]
skyroom80_tales wrote The Brotherhood - 4/4 [Mick, Josef, Beth |N17 - this part R]
catnip722 wrote Tomorrow Should Be Interesting [Beth/Josef, Mick | Spoilers 1X05 | N17]
embitca wrote Meet Cute [Mick | BtVS Crossover | Gen]

Moonlight Fanfiction Digest - Volume 1: 27th October

Hi there, this first post is a bit hefty as I've tried to round up all the fanfiction posted in the last few weeks. From now on, this digest will be posted every Friday - and let me know if I've missed your story (I'm sure I've let a few slip through the net!) or want to be added to the community's 'watch list'.

skyroom80 wrote 'The Brotherhood' Chapter 1, Chapter 2/?, Chapter3/? (Josef, Mick, Josef's girls)NC-17 - Slash
agarwaenloth wrote 'Give and Take' Chapter 1, Chapter 2 (Mick/Josef, with past Mick/Coraline, Coraline/Lucius, and one-sided Lucius/Mick)N17 - Slash
zeichenwut wrote and illustrated a Moonlight Fanbook - Part 1 (Josef, Mick, Beth) R - Het, slash
thornsmokewrote '"Everybody wants to rule the world" Prologue, Chapter 1 -PartA, Chapter 1 - Part2, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Epilogue (Josef, the Cleaner, Coraline, Mick, Josh, Beth, OCs, Mick/Beth) PG13
myth_13 wrote The Mistake - Chapter 1 (Mick/Beth) PG13
alexiel15 wrote 'By the Candlelight'Part 1 Part 2 (Mick/Beth ) PG13
lostarkeo wrote I Know (Mick/Beth) PG
artemismuse wrote 'A vacation From Sense' - Part 1/3, Part 2/3, Part 3/3 (Mick/Josef) R - Slash
lannamichaels wrote '1973 (Here We Go Again)' (Mick/Josef) R Slash
neotantrika wrote 'Pulse' (Mick/Beth) N17 - Het
thornsmoke wrote 'Here First' (Angel Crossover - Mick, Cordelia, Doyle, Angel ) Gen
thornsmoke wrote 'Becoming' (Mick/Beth) PG13
thornsmoke wrote three drabbles - 'Infinitiophobia (Mick/Beth) PG, 'Behind the Scenes' (Josef, OC) PG, and Love (Coraline) PG
thornsmoke wrote 'Certainty' (Mick, Beth) Gen
sundayschild wrote Why? (Mick/Beth) Gen
thornsmoke wrote Strictly Business (Mick, Josef) PG
thornsmoke wrote Hungry (JOsef/Mick - Double drabble) PG
midknight2501 wrote Investigative Journalism (Mick/Beth/Josef) R
alexiel15 wrote Watching Over You (Mick/Beth) PG13
thornsmoke wrote Loyalties (josef/Mick) PG13 - R
chaotic4life wroteLost in the Shadow (Mick/Josef) Adult - Slash
lostarkeo wrote Count On It (Mick/Beth) Gen
thornsmoke wrote Less Than Monstrous (Mick/beth, Mick/Josef) Gen
queen_haq wrote Crème de la Crème (Mick, Josef - Double drabble) PG13
cedara wrote Side Effect (Beth/Josh, Beth/Mick - Drabble) Gen
longlostbluewrote Hurts So Good (Mick/Beth - Drabble) PG13
impala_princesswrote Too Much (Mick/Beth) PG13 - R
mad_cat_grin wrote Fascination (Mick, beth, Josef) Gen
lady_boromir wrote 'Revelation - Part 1, Part 2 (Mick/Beth) PG
lostarkeo wrote A Friend in Need (Mick/Beth) PG
lostarkeo wrote Moonlight (Mick/Beth) Gen
orange_crushed wrote Pulse Point (Josef, Mick) PG13
kymba wrote Healing (Mick/Beth) Mature

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This will be a weekly digest of Moonlight fanfiction on LJ. If you maintain a Moonlight fanfiction community, or you're a a Moonlight fanfic writer, and wish to be added to the community's 'watch list', drop me a line here :-)